A Wild Pair
Lucitebox is a one-woman show. I treat my customers with care because I want my customers to share my passion for vintage fashion. My focus is on garments from the 1940s to the 1980s. Admittedly, all the best things in my own closets are vintage, and all of my special occasion clothing is from another era. I've been buying and wearing vintage clothing for almost twenty years. Perhaps my first and best find ever was a pair of bellbottoms scored at a rummage sale when when I was about eleven. Those pants cost a quarter and gave me perhaps the wildest year of my life in the 1970s.

Style Consultant on Duty
My favorite way to wear vintage is to integrate it into my contemporary wardrobe. A black Gap-Tee on its own is lame. A black Gap Tee worn with a lamé LaCroix pouf skirt and, bingo, you're Crystal Carrington's long-lost love child.

Let's face it, who doesn't admire the woman who can wear a totally Mod ensemble and look like she just stepped out a 60s issue of Vogue Italia? Sure, it's a thrill to see a rock boppin' rockabilly kitten decked out in her finest Hawaiian sarong, 40s espadrilles and a Japanese rice paper parasol. Swing dancers in their curve hugging 40s suits, peeptoe platform shoes and smashing hairdos put a smile on the most downtrodden clerk at the grocery. Who can't get onboard with the glitter rock babes in Didas waiting at the bus stop? And, yes, all of these fashionable chicks are welcome here. But, in reality, we know that these women are far and few between, and sometimes a girl's gotta face the music (you know, the Lite Jazz they play at your "Business-Casual" workplace).

In other words, we at Lucitebox are fully aware that modern women have lives and careers that often preclude them from donning a head-to-toe vintage outfit. And sometimes, that full-tilt boogie vintage getup can come off as a bit costume-like and phony. In an effort to keep you looking fresh and fashion forward, we study trends and try to find great items that you work-it-girl with the basics. We really do think about how clothes can be worn and woven into your wardrobe with ease and flair. There is not a thing at Lucitebox that we haven already figured out how to wear with modern basics. If you need help, just ask. (It doesn 't say "Style Consultant" on my business card for nothing.)

Clothes that Lead The Glamorous Life
Most of what we sell is vintage clothing. That means it is old. And used. Much of what we sell on Lucitebox.com led a glamorous life before we owned it and offered it here. Nevertheless, we are very critical of the condition of items we sell. If there is any flaw, we are up front about it and it is clearly noted. We don't offer things here that we wouldn't feel comfortable wearing ourselves. Frankly, we want all the surprises you get from Lucitebox to be happy ones. These clothes are meant to be worn and adored. If you ever have any questions about condition or quality, please drop me an email. We're friendly and fast on the reply button because we love to talk about the things we sell.

In addition to vintage clothing spanning decades, I intend to roll out a few housewares, maybe some fabrics and I'm stockpiling for a small shop on etsy.com.  I mostly sell women's wear, but occasionally offer men's clothing and I'd really like to build that category. Variety is one of my strong points. Whatever the case, you can be assured I offer things that I think are top notch.

Simply put, Lucitebox is committed to making sure you get what you expect to get. Naturally, I do this to keep you coming back and rave about us to all your friends. (You will do that, right?)