Our Favorite Item in Dresses
Sunset Pink Lilly Pulitzer Mixed Drinks Sun Dress
Sunset Pink Lilly Pulitzer Mixed Drinks Sun Dress | M | $130

Nobody interprets classic Palm Beach affluence quite the way that Lilly Pulitzer does. Hers is a world that's pink and green and monied. Her Mixed Drinks print is the epitome of all that is sacred in the world of resort wear. At once cocktailian and clam bakeian, this print allows you to wear your vacation lifestyle quite literally. (Look it up. If you're into cocktails, that's "cocktailian." Are clam bakes your thing? You're a "clam bakeian" sort of person.)

Lingo aside, there's nothing in the world more wonderfully adorable and utterly charming as the Preptonic ideal that Lilly creates. That's because she's been churning out her laid ... [more]
Our Favorite Item in Dressy Dresses
Dramatic Smart Miss Vintage 50s Velvet Diamond Party Dress
Dramatic Smart Miss Vintage 50s Velvet Diamond Party Dress | S-M | $185

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's three wows. Even three "wows" can't emphasize how stunning this dress is! Let's make it four. WOW!

This is the créme de la créme of black party dresses. It's beautiful. It's interesting. It's sexy. It's saucy. It's fun.

The dress is from the '50s. Now, our photos have been lightened to show you the amazing black on black detail action. See the velvet insets in that huge full skirt? My, oh my. Then, the bodice (a bust enhancing affair) is inset with some velvet, too--right in the center. A satin cummerbund at the waist provides more contrast and emphasizes the fit 'n flare silhouette. The fabric combo ... [more]
Our Favorite Item in Separates
Chic Teal Tweed Vintage 60s Boxy Jacket
Chic Teal Tweed Vintage 60s Boxy Jacket | L-XL | $80

When you want to look dressed up it's pretty simple to accomplish that just by throwing on a "statement jacket." This one is boxy by design which makes it pretty perfect for topping off a fitted sheath or a cashmere shell and jeans.

We adore the color and its ladylike design. We think this jacket looks as good as anything that might carry the Davidow label and are surprised that it doesn't have one. The tweed is just that good. The details are also great, including bound button holes. It has a cute peter pan style collar and two false flap pockets.

The jacket has some serious hidden wow factor, too. With a little flash of that hot pink lining, you're g ... [more]
Our Favorite Item in Suits
Sunshine Yellow Vintage Early 60s Suit
Sunshine Yellow Vintage Early 60s Suit | M | $68

What do you say about a suit that's so bright and sunny? How about, "Hello Sunshine?!"

Let's talk details. The suit is from the early 60s. It's made of a wool and is woven in such a way that the warp and weft of the weave actually shows. In other words, it's not a tight weave. It's loose and airy. There may be other fibers in the wool.

Now--the jacket is the key piece here. It's a slightly cropped affair that has some whatchamacallits covering the buttons. They're really interesting shapes that are applied design. Behind each one of those details, there's a hidden button. Neat.

The skirt is slightly a-line in shape. (Moreso th ... [more]
Our Favorite Item in Accessories
Cute Little Vintage '60s Appliqué Rose Handbag
Cute Little Vintage '60s Appliqué Rose Handbag $38

Sometimes, you just want to carry around a fresh bouquet of flowers with your pretty vintage dress. Most times, this isn't very practical. Enter this boxy little top-handled purse from the 60s. It does all the work--brightening your outfit with a big bunch of roses while also holding all of your accoutréments.

The bag has a center pocket that closes with a turn lock. Inside that, there's a zip pocket for your mirror. Next to the locking center pocket, two smaller pockets.

This is made of vinyl and has a pretty 3-D rose appliqué on the front that is red, pink, green and white. That really pops on the black hopsack background. There are small feet on the bottom of th ... [more]
Our Favorite Item in Outerwear
Cute Vintage 70s Abe Schrader Novelty Club Print Woven Coat
Cute Vintage 70s Abe Schrader Novelty Club Print Woven Coat | L | $125

It's always a treat to come across a nicely designed, well-made vintage coat that's also got a fun side to it. This novelty weave coat from Maison Mendesolle is just the thing to satisfy both the classy and the sassy side of chic.

This vintage '70s piece is nicely fitted and expertly tailored. It's got a gayish beige spade or clover print that's woven into darkest navy (nearly black) rayon fabric. This fabulously rich looking, mid-weight textile would even be great worn as a dress. (We're not sure, but calling this a coat dress wouldn't be a stretch by any measure.)

The thing is festooned with two faux breast pockets, each adorned with face ... [more]
Our Favorite Item in Swimwear
Black Pink Floral Vintage 50s/60s Bathing Suit Romper
Black Pink Floral Vintage 50s/60s Bathing Suit Romper | L-XL | $SOLD

This fabulous pinup suit from the late 50s / early 60s comes straight from the personal collection of Lucitebox!. Sadly, it's not being worn so it's time to find a new place in the sun. Your pool party will be so much sweeter with this lovely little romper by Kerrybrooke.

It's made of cotton. The bust is darling with little folds and sexy boning to keep everything in place. The suit has thin cotton straps that button in the back. The skirt has an inverted pleat and wide legs that keep you cool and comfy. The swimsuit has a slinky nylon black lining just under bust seam that forms a nice black panty under the wide legged skort. The bust is lined in white cotton. Back/side ... [more]
Our Favorite Item in Lingerie
Stunning Vintage Late 30s Silk Jacquard Scenic Asian Dressing Gown
Stunning Vintage Late 30s Silk Jacquard Scenic Asian Dressing Gown | S | $80

Rich and dramatic, this dressing gown from the late 1930s evokes that bygone era of extreme glamour when loungewear wasn't just a pair of yoga pants and a tee shirt. This alluring emerald green robe is made from whisper soft, light-weight silk that's a jacquard weave featuring pastoral Asian village scenes. Do take a look at our close-ups and keep in mind that the color variances are due to the cameras limited capability of capturing this divine creation. This is a rich and opulent green shade, nuanced beautifully with all of those gorgeous scenes depicted in it.

The gown has puff sleeves that are typical of late '30s, early '40s fashion. On the cuffs, there's top ... [more]